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Morellos & Me


My passion for cakes started in my youth and after training at college, I worked around Southsea as a baker and dessert chef at some of Portsmouth & Southsea’s finest cafes and restaurants. 

After a few years of travelling around the world, I landed in London and began training at an allergen-free specialist. Spending the next few years learning the techniques of vegan baking, I finally decided to head home and start on my own!

During my time in London, I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined a burlesque troupe, under the stage name ‘Luna Morello’. Although Luna does not grace the stages as often, ‘Morellos’ is a little nod towards facing your fears and having the confidence to, not only dance in front of an audience, but to follow your dreams and start the business you’ve dreamed of since you were young.


Bite the bullet, sometimes it’s made of cake! 


Cakes, Bakes & More


Morello's Cakery, based in Southsea, Portsmouth, caters to all walks of life, offering treats for vegan, vegetarian & most other dietary preferences:

- Bespoke Cakes: Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Celebration Cakes

- Treat Boxes: Weekly & Monthly Selection Boxes on Instagram

- Seasonal Cakes: Easter Cakes, Christmas Puddings, Valentines Treats

Afternoon Tea Packages: Scones, Sandwiches and more!

For all enquires, please contact Nicola here: Contact Us


“A party without a cake is just a meeting” 

- Julia Child -


Contact Me

Please feel free to enquire below. If you are ordering, make sure you specify the date you have in mind!

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The Flavours


Pretty Cakes are nothing without a fantastic filling. All my cakes are made with taste as the first priority, and decoration is just that. 

Here are some of my most popular flavours: 

- Chocolate Fudge 

- White Chocolate & Raspberry

- Hummingbird: Pineapple, Banana & Passionfruit

- Orange & Lemon Juicy Sponge

- Black Forest Gateau Sponge

- Cherry Bakewell

- Cappuccino or Mocha

- Sticky Toffee Pudding

- and our luxurious Morello's Special!

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